Notas Biográficas

Rémy Teyssou
MD, Professeur Agrégé, is Senior Director for Global and Scientific Medical Affairs at Sanofi Pasteur, France.
Prior to joining Sanofi Pasteur, Doctor Teyssou worked for the French Army Medicine Service and was Director of the microbiology and Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Val-de-Grâce Teaching Hospital, in Paris. He has participated in numerous studies, with particular focus on epidemiology of nosocomial pathogens, molecular epidemiology of Dengue virus in the South Pacific region, resistance profiles to antiretroviral drugs of HIV-1 strains isolated in East Africa, rapid detection of microorganisms causing acute diarrhea in soldiers using a multiplex PCR, development of molecular tools for diagnosis and follow-up the patients chronically infected by HCV and genotyping and molecular epidemiology of HEV.
Doctor Teyssou had served as a member of the French Technical Committee for Immunization Practices. He is author or co-author of more than 40 scientific publications/book chapters and has presented over 80 papers at various National and International medical conferences