Notas Biográficas

Peter Aaby
Originally trained as an anthropologist at the University of Copenhagen he has spent nearly 30 years studying the causes of excessively high child mortality in Guinea-Bissau. Longitudinal studies are ideal sites for understanding unexpected observations and the research process has lead to the discovery that intensity of exposure to infection and not malnutrition was the main cause of high measles mortality in low-income countries and that vaccines have non-specific sex-differential effects with major consequences for child survival. This research lead to WHO withdrawing high-titre measles vaccine which was associated with increased female mortality in 1992. The research process has created the Bandim Health Project (BHP) which maintains a large demographic surveillance system in Bissau and undertakes both research training and specific intervention studies related to vaccines, vitamin A supplementation, diarrhoea, malaria, TB, and HIV. He was awarded the Novo Nordisk Prize for distinguished research on measles and measles vaccination in 2000.