Notas Biográficas

Hernando A del Portillo
Professor del Portillo is originally from Colombia and studied molecular aspects of parasites at the University of Georgia where he received his Ph.D., followed by two postdoctoral trainings at the New York University Medical Centre (U S A) and the Institut Pasteur (France) where he specialized in molecular biology of malaria parasites. Since then, he has pursued molecular studies in malaria trying to unveil the mechanisms of virulence, drug resistance and the establishment of chronic infections to develop rational control strategies. He spent several years of his professional life in Brazil where he consolidated a multi-Centric and Inter-disciplinary malaria programme. The cornerstone of this research activity has been the discovery of the largest subtelomeric multigene variant and virulent family in Plasmodium vivax malaria proposed to be involved in a new spleen immune evasion mechanism. He joined the Barcelona Centre for International health Research – CR ES IB -­‐ as an ICR EA Research Professor in 2007 with the specific objectives of unveiling the molecular basis of pathology in P. vivax, of discovering the role of the spleen and reticulocytes in natural infections, and of developing a vaccine against this species. His laboratory is also interested in developing enabling tools (imaging and in vitro culture of blood stages) to advance research in P. vivax.